Moving to Canada

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy for me. I’ve just moved to Toronto a few weeks ago and along with trying to find somewhere to live and starting a new job (as well as the 3 hour daily travelling I’m doing) I’ve little time for anything else. I’ll start back up again here when I’ve found somewhere and my days are less full of travelling.

Let’s take a quick look at the last week, since Google IO just happended. Obviously the Duplex stuff is crazy. I expect the next 5 years to be an insane advancement in AI and AR.

The new single-activity approach that Google is now pushing is good! I’ve stopped using fragments and activities completely now, and just have a single activity that’s launched by Android initially, and then just swap out its content view to push new view controllers. It works really well, mimicking iOS’s navigation controller too.

Speaking of navigation controllers, the navigation component stuff also seems super interesting. This is an idea taken from Apple and iOS development, but it’s a nice way to work and should make things a bit easier.

Android P’s navigation system is pretty lackluster. The thing that makes the iPhone X’s navigation system feel so fluid and natural is the swiping away of apps – something that’s totally missing from Android P’s navigation system.

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